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About the TOC

The Taiwan Online Campus (TOC) is a worldwide distance learning platform featuring digital courses in Chinese and English available on existing platforms of various universities and colleges. TOC students may participate in the courses and have access to the same course contents and guidance as enrolled students. Those who successfully complete a course may obtain a certification from the university that offers the course. Furthermore, if TOC students enroll in a university, they may apply to transfer the credits from the TOC courses in accordance with relevant regulations, thereby adding more value to their education and paving more diverse ways to their future development.


The TOC originated from the Taiwan Teaching Resource Center, it is entrusted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and operated by the National Taiwan Normal University. It combines digital courses in Chinese and English that meet the requirements specified in the MOE's Implementation Regulations Regarding Distance Learning by Universities. It makes full use of digital courses from various universities, exerting the global impact of higher education in Taiwan and making monumental progress for digital learning.


Students may select courses offered by collaborating universities according to their specialties or interests to enrich their personal development across diverse academic disciplines. The TOC provides a mechanism for individuals in Taiwan and from abroad to select and take courses via distance learning, overcoming the limitations of physical campuses and achieving a more flexible learning experience.


Learning is no longer subject to the limitations of time and space. Students can now join degree students through synchronous or asynchronous distance learning. Students will have access to the same course contents, guidance and assessments as degree students. If students meet the requirements of the university offering the course, they will receive grade reports from them.


If students enroll in a collaborating university, the credits they have completed by taking a TOC course may qualify to apply for a credit transfer in accordance with the regulations of each university. The TOC adds value to your education and paves more diverse ways to your future development.

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