Stage 1

Before Registration

Are there any academic qualification requirements for applications?

This program aims to provide members of the public in Taiwan and from abroad with a distance learning platform. Those who wish to join an undergraduate course must hold an academic certification at the level of high school/vocational school or equivalents, and those who wish to join courses in a master’s program must hold a bachelor’s degree.

I only hold a high school/vocational degree. Can I take courses for master's degree programs?

No, it is not allowed. Those who wish to take courses in the master’s program must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

I am a current university student. Can I enroll in courses offered by TOC?

For current university students, please follow the intercollegiate course selection process to enroll in courses from various institutions. If you choose to enroll through the TOC platform and seek credit recognition or exemption, please contact your home institution’s department for approval before registering.

I am a foreigner. Can I become qualified for entry into Taiwan by taking TOC courses?

No. The TOC allows students to select this course on a distance-learning basis. Students will not be able to apply for entry into Taiwan as degree students.

How many course credits may I take in one semester?

Each student may take up to 9 credits from courses offered by the same institution each semester, and the schedules of the selected courses must not clash.

How do I make the payment?Can I attend classes immediately after completing payment?

For those who pass the review, TOC will send you the payment link for the course. Please follow the steps to complete the system registration and proceed with online credit card payment.

Once the payment is confirmed, we will send you the formal admission notice via email. Students still need to wait for the offering institution to complete all administrative procedures, and the class commencement notice will be sent by the offering institution. Only then can students formally join the class.

Please complete your application as soon as possible to make sure you attend your selected courses without any delay.

If the number of applicants exceeds the enrollment quota, how is admission determined?

Upon successful review and verification of the payment process, we will notify admission by email in the order of completed registrations within the enrollment quota.

How can I return to the application system to complete the required information/fee payment?

Please click on the “Payment Link” for the course provided in your verification result notification email to access the registration system.
Log in to the system using your registered username and password.
Once you log in to the system, you can return to the previous step of your application.

Can I attend classes immediately after completing payment?

The application process includes providing the applicant’s information, paying fees, and uploading documents. After all the aforesaid steps are completed, the applicant must wait for the TOC’s confirmation of his/her eligibility to complete the process. Successful applicants will also receive acceptance letters.
After receiving the acceptance letters, students must still wait until the institutions offering the course complete all administrative procedures and send the notices to formally join the courses.

Please complete your application as soon as possible to make sure you attend your selected courses without any delay.

Stage 2

During Classes

Can I withdraw or retain my enrollment status before the course begins?

No. Accepted students must attend the courses according to the relevant regulations of the universities offering the courses. Withdrawal or deferral is not permitted.

Can I withdraw from a course after it begins if I realize that it does not meet my expectations?

No. Please carefully evaluate your learning needs and check if the course contents meet your expectations before applying and paying the fees.

How may I request refunds?

Refunds cannot be processed after payment has been made, except for the following situations.
Applications will only be accepted if they meet any of the following situations:Those who are unable to continue the course due to course cancellation or changes, or those who have overpaid fees, will be refunded via bank transfer after deducting the registration fee of NTD 600. Please fill out the Refund Application Form and submit it to the TOC for processing.


Can I use the libraries and other related resources on campus if I am undertaking a TOC course?

Apart from attending courses on campus, TOC students may not have access to campus resources such as libraries, health centers, sports centers, swimming pools or parking discounts, etc.

Stage 3

Courses Completed

How can I know my grade after completing a course?

The completion requirements for each course shall be determined based on the relevant regulations of the university that offers the course, which shall also issue a grade report at the end of the semester.

How can I apply for a credit transfer after completing a course?

If in the future a TOC student enrolls in a university, he/she may apply for a credit transfer in accordance with the applicable regulations of that university.

Course Exploration

If I want to practice and develop myself through online learning, how can I choose courses?

NTNU offers over a hundred online courses through two channels: “Taiwan Online Campus” and ”Online Continuing Education Master’s Program

Whether you are exploring your interests, taking credit prerequisites , or enhancing your degree with advanced studies , a new learning mode that is not restricted by time and location accompanies you in expanding your professional horizons.

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