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Application Process

Step1. Select your course(s)

Select the course(s) you want to apply for on the home page
Note: If you apply for more than one course, please make sure that their schedules do not clash.

Step2. Register on the application system

Register on the application system
(If you have done so, you may directly log in to the system to continue the application process)

Step3. Fill in your personal information

Log in to the application system and fill in your personal information, including your educational background.

Step4. Pay the course fee

  • Fees for different courses must be paid separately.
  • We only accept payments by credit card currently.

Step5. Upload documents for review

Upload the applicant’s diploma from the highest degree obtained and identification documents.

Step6. Wait for notification of review results

Note: This stage does not mean you have been formally accepted.

Our staff will review the documents you submit, and notify you of the review results by mail. Please wait patiently.

Step7. Official Notice of the Start of Classes

An acceptance letter will be sent to you after your application has been approved. You will receive a formal notice and you may join the courses accordingly!

Before Registration...

Notes for Application

  • Target Students:Members of the public in Taiwan and from abroad.
  • Eligibility:Applicants for undergraduate programs must hold an academic certification at the high school/vocational school level or equivalents. Applicants for master’s (or doctoral) programs must hold a bachelor's (or master's) degree.
  • Application period:10 A.M. Feb 8th, 2023 - 5 P.M. Mar 1st, 2023
  • Application method:All applications must be made online. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the application process, including: course selection, fee payment, and uploading the digital copies of your certificates and personal identification documents.
  • Fee payment process:Payment is by credit card only. Payment shall be completed online after the applicant finished providing the personal information on the application page. After payment has been completed, the academic credentials and identification documents can be uploaded.
  • Acceptance:After eligibility and payment are confirmed, an acceptance letter and a notice will be sent via email according to the order in which applicants submitted their applications and the number of places.
  • Fee payment directions:(I) Fees must be paid separately for each course. Fees for each course include the application fee set at NT$600 and the course fee. Course fees are charged in accordance with the relevant regulations of the universities that offer the courses.Once paid, fees cannot be refunded. Please check your eligibility and carefully evaluate whether the course contents meet your requirements before applying.
    (II) If an applicant requires a refund, then the applicant must submit a refund application that includes the bank account number of the applicant. Applications will only be accepted if they meet any of the following situations: Those who are unable to continue to attend a course because it has been closed, fully enrolled, or changed, or those who do not meet the eligibility criteria, or have overpaid fees, will be refunded via bank transfer the paid amount minus the application fee.
  • Notes: (I) Each student may take up to 9 credits from courses offered by the same school each semester, and may not take courses with clashing schedules.
    (II) Accepted students must attend the courses according to the relevant regulations of the universities offering the courses. Withdrawal or deferral is not permitted.
    (III) The completion requirements for each course shall be determined based on the relevant regulations of the university that offers the course, which shall also issue a grade report at the end of the semester.
    (IV) In the event that an applicant is discovered to have provided documents that contain inaccuracies, forgeries, use of other people's information, and/or alteration of information, his/her application will be canceled and acceptance will be revoked. Moreover, he/she may not request refunds or grade reports, nor may he/she dispute these actions.
    (V) Any matters that are not addressed in these guidelines shall be governed by the relevant regulations of each university regarding non-student auditing.
  • The TOC has the right to amend these course selection guidelines. Any amendment to these guidelines will be announced by the TOC.